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Jun 06

21.5.800 Yoga & Writing Challenge

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This blog was living in my head for months before I sat down one afternoon and just started. Started without a plan, without really knowing what I was doing, where it was going, how it would work. I knew I had to just get started and I’d figure it out as I went along. I am so honored by all of the readers who stop by, many of you repeatedly.  I especially appreciate those of you who leave a comment since one of my goals for DC Dharma is to nurture a community.

Like so many things, this blog is like my life and like my yoga practice, a practice and  a path. My most recent return to yoga was rather like starting this blog, something I’d been living in my head, something I just jumped back into, I’m figuring out as I go along and something that I’m not entirely sure where it will lead.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how to nurture and grow what I’ve started here. In order to to do this, I need to nurture and grow my yoga practice at the same time. All while keeping up with my sometimes demanding day job.  So, what appeared in my twitterstream last week? An invitation to join Bindu Wiles in her 21.5.800 Project,  a 3 week yoga and writing challenge. Thanks universe. Many of my favorite bloggers are participating and I know I’ll discover even more blogging goodness.

My wish for the challenge is to focus my often scattered ideas and energy into results on the mat and on this blog, grow this budding community online and IRL. I’m looking forward to getting started and seeing what blooms.


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