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Earlier I posted about my favorite Hindu God Ganesha–in my favorite incarnation as the god of mischief.

Now I want to tell you about my new favorite goddess, Kali. She is the Hindu goddess associated with eternal energy and the destruction of ignorance. Kali helps those who strive for knowledge of God. She represents the inherent creative and destructive rhythms of the cosmos. At her essence, Kali represents transformation. Her name means “The Black One”. She is the consort of Shiva whom she is shown standing upon. This posture is said to signify Kali as Shiva’s shakti or life force.

Kali is represented as fearsome with wild black hair, black skin and red eyes. She sticks out her dark red tongue. Kali is most often depicted with four arms. In one hand she holds a sword, in another a trident, in the third a severed head and in the last hand she holds a bowl catching the blood of the severed head. Kali wears a necklace with fifty-two severed heads, one for each letter of the sankskrit alphabet. The only clothing she wears is a skirt made of dead men’s hands. Fierce indeed.

Because of Kali’s fierce appearance she can be misinterpreted as signifying death and destruction. In fact, Kali characterizes destruction or letting go of the past to make room for a more purposeful present and future. She stands for the concept of Mother Nature as not only a potent, destructive force but also a force that cleanses away the old to allow room for new, fertile ground.

Fierceness, destruction of ignorance, timelessness, goddess of transformations and new beginnings….Kali, its good to get to know you.

Do any of you have insights on Kali that I missed. I’m so intrigued to learn more.


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