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May 07

Digital Yogi

Posted by Melanie in Yoga Gems

In my day job I lobby on technology issues. On the job I do a lot of reading and talking about technology.  While not a true techie myself, I spend a good deal of time with techies. In this post, my two worlds collide as I share my favorite yoga iphone apps with you. I know that detachment is something many yogis strive for on the road to enlightenment. I confess however…that I love my iphone more than anyone should love an inanimate object. I use my phone for nearly everything…yoga included. I am utterly attached to my iphone. But then…yoga is a practice, right?

The app I use most is MindBody Yoga.  This is a free app that consolidates yoga class schedules for the studios near you–wherever you happen to be. Using GPS the app locates yoga classes near you at the time you pick.  For a yoga gypsy like me, I use MindBody Yoga to find a class at the many studios here in DC.  I also use MindBody when I’m traveling to find a convenient class to drop into.  This app is a must for all digital yogis.

Authenic Yoga is another of my favorites.  This app from Deepak Chopra and Strala Yoga’s Tara Stiles combines basic pose instruction, routines for all level of yogi and yoga philosophy and meditation practices from Depak Chopra. This is an all around app lets me get in a yoga practice at home or in a hotel room on the road. No excuse not to practice or take time for meditation daily.  The app is $2.99–on the pricier end for yoga apps but I do highly recommend it.

Bowls…is a unique fun app that I really enjoy. You can play several Tibetan singing bowls by tracing the bowl rim with your finger. You can also play symbols and chimes.  Its useful for meditation practice, or just a relaxing way to spend some idle time.This app is $1.99

Yoga Quiz Cards allows you to learn the English and Sanskrit names for yoga poses and quiz yourself flash card style. At $1.99 its a great deal for educational fun.

All apps can be found in the itunes store.

Please share with me your favorite apps and let me know what you think about these.


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