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May 08

The Puzzle of Life

Posted by Melanie in Yoga Chic

Book Art for Mother’s Day

A few weeks ago my mom emailed me a poem that her mom, my late grandmother, Lois Kemper Kelly wrote. The poem was found recently in a family history box by my mom’s cousin.  When I received the poem I knew my dear friend Caroline, a book artist, would know how to help me turn the poem into a special gift for mother’s day.  Caroline makes beautiful handmade books that tell stories by weaving together words and symbols rich with meaning. Caroline has an etsy shop called Paper Notion that you should check out.

Caroline created a beautiful handmade book that opens on each and and collapses like a viewfinder.

The Puzzle of Life by Lois Dorothy Kemper Kelly

The puzzle of life has many parts,

We piece together day by day

We work with both our minds and hearts,

And faith and love will show the way

Each piece of life seems very small,

But one misplaced can spoil the whole

It takes much thought to do it all,

It seems to tear your very soul

The parts begin to show a design,

An interesting picture begins to show through

The pattern formed is often sublime,

Consisting of love, hate and happiness too

The puzzle of life has beauty unknown

Which will lead us eventually to an eternal home

Both the poem and the book are treasures. I think Grandma Kelly might have been a yogi. Happy Mother’s Day mom.

Apr 17

Yoga Chic: Calamarie

Posted by Melanie in Yoga Chic

A girl can’t do yoga all the time. Shopping is good for the soul too, no? Today I wandered over to the Fenton Street Craft Market in Silver Spring. A new open- air market that will be running through the spring and summer at the corner of Fenton and Silver Spring Avenues in Silver Spring.

My find of the market was Calamarie accessories. Run by a Colombian-born, former State Department staffer, Calamarie is fair trade, eco-friendly jewelry and accessories sourced from Colombian artists. Each of the items are made from organic and recycled materials. Owner Catalina Lemaitre is delightful and clearly loving running her new business. She has recently been honored as a rising star in eco-fashion by the  Fashion Group International of Greater Washington.

I love my new bracelet made of orange peel rosettes. Its chic, fun and funky and it smells good too. Check them out at


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