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May 27

BuddhaFest DC

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It seems appropriate on Buddha’s birthday to post about DC’s upcoming first ever Buddhist film festival BuddhaFest. The Katzen Arts Center at American University will host the event June 17-20.

From the event website:

A dozen films plus talks and meditation present a unique mix and fresh take on the principles of Buddhism.

Highlights include a world-premiere film, an Academy Award-nominated documentary, talks by Tara Brach, Lama Surya Das and Sharon Salzberg, and a Picnic for Peace.

This looks like a really exciting event with beautiful films and dharma talks with nationally recognized buddhist scholars. I’m excited to check out a few Buddhafest events.

Photo via StuckinCustoms on Flickr


I wanted to share a message from Shiva Rea following her teaching visit to the DC area last week. Shiva taught at Yoga on the Mall as well as at master classes at Flow Yoga Center and Ananada Shala. I was honored to take a day long class through  Ananda Shala at a beautiful farm in Frederick MD and will be posting much more about it soon. In the meantime here is Shiva’s lovely tribute to the DC yoga community.

May 20, 2010

Dear Friends,

I have to say I am in love with the Washington D.C.-Maryland yoga community who came out for D.C. Yoga Week at the Washington Monument on the Mall and a weekend of collective workshops through Flow Yoga Center and Ananda Shala! Washington Monument rises up like a great antenna or earth lingam.

I was moved by the diverse community – all colors, shapes, ages, backgrounds of men and women – like the yoga family that I experience back in Venice – so openly participating in the collective pulse. More and more I am experiencing the community experience around yoga as in the spirit of the 60-70-s in which I was born – natural, uplifting, charged, connected.
We’re the One!


May 20

June Yoga Gems

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Once again there are a number of great yoga events in the DC metro area coming up in June. Even better, many of the events listed this month are free. I only regret having to pick between all the great events that fall on the same day.  If you attend an event that you really enjoy, I invite you to review it in the comments, send me an email or DM me on twitter and share your experience. Perhaps you can write a guest post and we can better share all the yoga goodness going on in our community. Have a great June and hope to see you at one or more of the events below. Please let me know if you plan to attend an event–it would be lovely to meet IRL (in real life.)

Fri. 6.4.2010 Cost: Free, Studio Serenity, DC * Yoga Book Club “Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle

Sat. 6.5.2010 5:00-7:00 AM, Cost: Free, Radiance Yoga, Alexandria, VA * Morning Sadhana

Sat. 6.5.2010  6:30-9:30 PM Cost: Free, Flow Yoga Center, DC * Mix and Meditate Party

Sat. 6.12.2010 1-3:30 PM Cost: $25/30, Past Tense Yoga, DC * Yoga & Biking in Rock Creek Park

Sat. 6.12.2010 7:30-9:30 PM Cost: $20/25, Flow Yoga Center, DC * Kirtan with David Newman

6.18-20.2010 Time TBD Cost $150/3 sessions, Flow Yoga Center, DC * Yoga and Ayurveda with Maria Garre

Fri. 6.18.2010 9:45-11:55 PM Cost: $25, Flow Yoga Center, DC * Yoga Trance Dance

Fri. 6.18.2010 7:00-8:30 PM Cost: $20/25, Tranquil Space Yoga, DC * Hip Hop Yoga with DJ marq few

Sat. 6.19.2010 6:00-7:30 PM Cost: $15, Circle Yoga, DC * Monthly Drumming Circle

Sat. 6.19.2010 2:00-5:00 PM Cost: $40/45, Sacred Space Yoga, Rockville, MD* Tantra: The Fire in the Soul with Brendan Feeley

Sun. 6.20.2010 2:00-4:30 PM Cost: $40, Willow Street Yoga, Silver Spring, MD * Sequencing Your Home Practice

Sun. 6.20.2010 1:00-3:00PM Cost: $10, Lil Omm Yoga, DC * Summer Reading & Seva Group with Carolyn Butcher– “The Not So Big Life” by Sarah Susanka All class fees donated to Citizen Effect

Sun. 6.20.2010 Noon-2:00 PM Cost: $30/35, Sacred Space Yoga * Walt Whitman as Trantric Philosopher–Yoga Flow & Poetry at Seneca State Park

Sat/Sun 6.19-20.2010 2:00-4:30 PM Cost: $70, Shakti Mind Body Studio, DC * Anatomy  and Physiology for Yogis

Fri. 6.25.2010 Studio Serenity, Cost: Free, DC * Movie Night “Shortcut to Nirvana: Kumbh Mela”

Photo Credit: Madaboutasia via Flickr

May 17

Meet My Farmer

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Sunnyside Farm CSA

Saturday was the first delivery of farm produce from Sunnyside Farm in southern Pennsylvania. Dru Peters delivered veggies picked fresh from the farm Saturday morning.  Dru and Homer Walden have been farming for years on leased land and last August, acquired the property that is now Sunnyside Farm.  A group of neighbors and friends came together to form Sunnyside’s first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) season. I’m thrilled to be part of the group. CSAs have been growing in popularity in the DC region and elsewhere as a convenient way for urban and suburban-ites to get fresh produce. CSAs also provide small farmers with a steady income source.

Sunnyside has been providing pasture raised beef, pork and poultry for some time.  This year was their first season for vegetables.  Saturday’s bounty included French breakfast radishes, four kinds of heritage lettuces including: Deer Tongue, , Tom Thumb, (Dru informs that this variety was grown by Thomas Jefferson)  Black Seeded Simpson and my favorite name… Drunken Woman.  Also Ruby Red swiss chard and Michihli chinese cabbage.

So..lots of stir fry and salads for me this week. I am looking forward to what the season will bring and to Saturday mornings with Dru.  Also on the horizon, a field trip to Sunnyside to see where our veggies are grown.

May 08

The Puzzle of Life

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Book Art for Mother’s Day

A few weeks ago my mom emailed me a poem that her mom, my late grandmother, Lois Kemper Kelly wrote. The poem was found recently in a family history box by my mom’s cousin.  When I received the poem I knew my dear friend Caroline, a book artist, would know how to help me turn the poem into a special gift for mother’s day.  Caroline makes beautiful handmade books that tell stories by weaving together words and symbols rich with meaning. Caroline has an etsy shop called Paper Notion that you should check out.

Caroline created a beautiful handmade book that opens on each and and collapses like a viewfinder.

The Puzzle of Life by Lois Dorothy Kemper Kelly

The puzzle of life has many parts,

We piece together day by day

We work with both our minds and hearts,

And faith and love will show the way

Each piece of life seems very small,

But one misplaced can spoil the whole

It takes much thought to do it all,

It seems to tear your very soul

The parts begin to show a design,

An interesting picture begins to show through

The pattern formed is often sublime,

Consisting of love, hate and happiness too

The puzzle of life has beauty unknown

Which will lead us eventually to an eternal home

Both the poem and the book are treasures. I think Grandma Kelly might have been a yogi. Happy Mother’s Day mom.

May 07

Digital Yogi

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In my day job I lobby on technology issues. On the job I do a lot of reading and talking about technology.  While not a true techie myself, I spend a good deal of time with techies. In this post, my two worlds collide as I share my favorite yoga iphone apps with you. I know that detachment is something many yogis strive for on the road to enlightenment. I confess however…that I love my iphone more than anyone should love an inanimate object. I use my phone for nearly everything…yoga included. I am utterly attached to my iphone. But then…yoga is a practice, right?

The app I use most is MindBody Yoga.  This is a free app that consolidates yoga class schedules for the studios near you–wherever you happen to be. Using GPS the app locates yoga classes near you at the time you pick.  For a yoga gypsy like me, I use MindBody Yoga to find a class at the many studios here in DC.  I also use MindBody when I’m traveling to find a convenient class to drop into.  This app is a must for all digital yogis.

Authenic Yoga is another of my favorites.  This app from Deepak Chopra and Strala Yoga’s Tara Stiles combines basic pose instruction, routines for all level of yogi and yoga philosophy and meditation practices from Depak Chopra. This is an all around app lets me get in a yoga practice at home or in a hotel room on the road. No excuse not to practice or take time for meditation daily.  The app is $2.99–on the pricier end for yoga apps but I do highly recommend it.

Bowls…is a unique fun app that I really enjoy. You can play several Tibetan singing bowls by tracing the bowl rim with your finger. You can also play symbols and chimes.  Its useful for meditation practice, or just a relaxing way to spend some idle time.This app is $1.99

Yoga Quiz Cards allows you to learn the English and Sanskrit names for yoga poses and quiz yourself flash card style. At $1.99 its a great deal for educational fun.

All apps can be found in the itunes store.

Please share with me your favorite apps and let me know what you think about these.


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